You Can Always Count on Board Committees...

As information important to our campus continues to change with each new budget announcement or pandemic mandate, the proceedings of the monthly Board of Trustees sub-committee always provide a trove of information of significance if you're trying to understand the scope and complexity of what the State, the District, and WLAC is facing.

These monthly meetings were held last week.  Here's some highlights that are of particular relevance.
Remember, click on the link in the paragraph, click on committee you're interested in at the top of the listing, and then scroll down to agenda on the bottom of the page.  You'll find the information shown as an icon link next to the agenda on the left of the page.)

At the Budget and Finance Committee, the Community College League of California (the same organization that I mentioned in yesterday's post) presented an exhaustive overview of the budget and potential outcomes.  This is a great synopsis of information to date, and I recommend your reviewing it if you want to get a detailed summary of where the budget stands after the May revise and before the August revise 

The Facilities Master Planning and Oversight Committee (FMPOC) has two items of particular interest to WLAC.  The first is a pro forma presentation regarding an update to our facilities master plan.  Now, this update is not the comprehensive type that would usually involve broad-based campus input.  Rather, it's to submit an update to the existing master plan--which originally had the HLRC as a renovation project--to show the demolition of HLRC and the construction of a new building, as well as the demolition of the Career Education Buildings, the Science Annex, and improvement to Fine Arts, SSB, and MSA.  The plan also had to be updated to reflect our adherence to CEQA standards as we proceed with our Measure CC projects.  Basically, we had to present this update to FMPOC in order to gain Board approval, thus "certifying," if you will, that our campus decision to demolish HLRC and construct a new building as part of a master plan.

Also in FMPOC a resolution was presented that directly relates to West's efforts to address climate change education through its new program in Climate Change Studies. The "Clean Energy and Sustainability resolution" is one of the most comprehensive resolutions I've seen come out of a Board committee, and committing to the tenets outlines will mean significant change on our campuses in the years to come.  You'll note on the top of the second page that our AA in climate change studies is cited as an example of LACCD's commitment to contributing to the fight against climate change.

The Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success Committee provides details on the transition study (gauging student response to going online) and enrollment reports.  Also embedded in the agenda is a COVID-19 update (no attachment; it's part of the agenda narrative).

Finally, the Legislative and Public Affairs Committee agenda includes the most recent updates from our local, state, and federal lobbyists.